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even the mushroom monsters look like radiation burn victims. While this might sound dull, Honda plays with the idea really well. A little slow to the get go, & I'm not crazy about how this movie treats women, but.... woo-hoo Mushroom People!!! The mushrooms laugh. The DVD version I have (night be media blasters? Seven passengers set sail on a yacht cruise (possibly for three hours? I'm so glad I watched! Bad movie? Here they find another shipwreck, of a scientific expedition, and gradually piece together what happened to the scientists before finding themselves threatened by the same menace. With superb setdesign and makeup sfx this is quite a winner. It's the children, but by that I mean the adults. The 'oneness with life and the universe' that's associated with experiences with psilocybin was (and still is) often interpreted as a loss of individual agency and socio-political identity.
At least if he'd have stayed on the island he would have been with the woman he loved (albeit a little more insane and a lot more fungal).

- movies from Hideo Kojima's twitter, Cult & Bizarre & Psychedelic: A Personal Guide. While Honda’s giant monster flicks always end with the good guys winning and the beasts being killed or driven back into the sea, this film does a marvelous job of playing with the audience’s heads as well as their expectations. One of my favorite horror flicks: surreal, super bleak, and a nice, slow burn. It has to be said that the American title for the movie didn’t do it any favors.

But then, when you finally see the giant walking toadstool creatures at the end… holy crap. The Matango's sound is reminiscent of a laughter (creepy as hell!) Everything we know about all 10 swords revealed in ‘X of Swords’, Mark Brooks dazzles with ‘Avengers’ #37 wraparound Fortnite cover. awesome! A bunch of people get stranded on a mysterious island. “Attack of the Mushroom People” sounds more like some half-baked Roger Corman picture than a genuine, vivid horror…, Don't let the fact that the world is in chaos distract you from the fact that the guy who directed Godzilla also made a horror movie about mushroom people and it was; against all odds, a genuinely good film. Matango is one of Toho’s more overlooked classics, what with it not having Godzilla or anything, but definitely worth the effort to pick up. Seven spoiled rotten members of the Japanese social elite have just taken their new yacht for a spin when a fierce storm strands them on a fog enshrouded, uncharted island.
Not to mention the Matango got the same creepy laugh as the Baltans. But it's an Ishiro Honda movie about people stranded on a fungusinfested island that turn to eating mushrooms that turns them into mushrooms and when it has a cast that includes Toho stalwarts such as Kimi Mizuno, Akira Kubo, Hiroshi Koizumi and Kenji Sahara you can't really fail. Didn't know what to expect going into this one, honestly, other than it was well-regarded. For Mobile users you can find them on the top right of the app (3 dots) under "Community Info", Press J to jump to the feed. But the atmosphere Honda crafts around the silly costumes actually gives them an eerie, skin-crawling quality you’d never expect. Like Gojira, Matango is infected with the horrors of nuclear radiation. Notice the profound difficulty many of the male characters seem to have with keeping their proverbial dicks in their trousers. We have singer Mami Sekiguchi (Kumi Mizuno) and her lover and patron, the media…, I made my return to the podcast One Missed Pod to talk about one of my favorite films: MATANGO.

A psychedelic nightmare that slowly creeps up on you like an actual mushroom trip. Looks at... Bite your tongue! Matango is a great, eerie horror movie about a group of castaways trying to survive on an island while slowly starting to turn on each other. Then, many a year later, I discovered that DC Comics ripped the idea off of one of Toho’s cult classic horror flicks from the 60’s, Matango (better known as Attack of the Mushroom People in the US, or as both titles squished together with a colon in-between). The characters you thought were going to turn out to be good guys wind up doing a 180 when you least expect it, surprising both the other characters and the audience. ), there's a professor, a movie star, a wealthy businessman, a skipper, and one guy has a real fondness for red shirts and white hats. As tensions between the friends begin to build, and food rations begin to wear thin, several of the crew decide to throw caution to the wind and taste some of the mushrooms. Plus imagine if translation. However, once they become stranded and food turns scarce, their relationships strain very quickly. Lily's laughs were reused from a laugh of Matango, the titular character from the Toho film with the same name, the laugh is different from the Alien Baltan as the laugh sounds like a little girl giggling. Matango proved me wrong, being a straight-up horror movie and a tremendously bleak one at that. I expected what "Attack of the Mushroom People!" The scenery looks lush and the threat feels incredibly real. More details at

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